Why I went from Corporate America to Beachbody!

You know that moment when you think "I can't do this another 20 years!". That was me!

Watch this video to hear why I went from a job in Corporate America making a good living to coaching with Beachbody; and the mindset that drove me to becoming a Top Beachbody Coach with a career that I LOVE!

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Are McDonalds Happy Meals Safe?

Are McDonalds Happy Meals Safe?

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Are McDonalds Happy Meals Safe? Well I don’t know about you but if it doesn’t rot, mold and bugs won’t eat it, Id say “Heck No”! July 30, 2012 my husband and I bought this Happy Meal.  We ordered the nuggets and the cheeseburger.   I wanted to see for myself how gross it would […]


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