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Don’t Take Anything Personally

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Martin Luther King

Don’t Take Anything Personally

<< My thoughts on people’s INTENTIONS and ACTIVISM >>
In all the horrible events in our world of late and in history overall I often think of ones INTENTIONS….
“How could this happen??”
“Why does this continue?”
“Can’t they see how awful they are?”
Do terroists or racists BELIEVE they are bad people? Do the countries at war over issues with one another think their OWN VALUES are bad? Does your enemy set intentions daily to be an immoral person? Does your boss wake up every day with the intentions to ruin your job? Do people that do unspeakable acts to children see themselves as “bad” or unethical people? I don’t think most of them do.
They do what most of us do, they JUSTIFY their behavior to fit around their belief system and then surround themselves with others that share that belief system to validate their behavior. Whether it’s because they too were treated badly and don’t know how to channel that deeper rejection, or feel they deserve power, freedom or revenge, or they are scared and feel unworthy and are trying to overcompensate, or they believe in their God and are following HIS path for them. We are judging their INTENTIONS as good or bad, by our OWN belief system, morals, values and culture.
THAT VERY THOUGHT both scares the shit out of and yet empowers me. It scares me because what are morals to me, may be totally acceptable behavior to another, and they will carry on believing in what they do. What may be against the law and the unthinkable in one place, may be the ultimate sacrifice to Allah or acceptable social cleansing in another. And because of that, we Martin Luther Kingare always vulnerable to the intentions and justification of the actions of others.
But as scary and vulnerable as it is, it is also empowering because believing that we will never be a victim of someone else’s intentions. I truly don’t believe anything is ever ABOUT ME or an act AGAINST ME. But acts stemming from ones own deeper fear, religion, passion, pain, insecurities, morals and/or belief system. I can’t judge them for the world they see, as horrible as it may be, or for who I think they are. I can only try and make peace in my heart with their actions while taking my own measures to protect myself and my family. I can set boundaries for who I surround myself with. I can let go of fear and live my life by the standards I choose, with the people I choose and not let others actions have any power over me. It’s silly to think the entire world will share the same ideals, religion and upbringing, as you and I, so why waste time being a victim to what is done to us.
As awful as it is to be a victim of terrorism and bullying, I find peace in believeing it’s not about ME. I choose to live each day with passion in my heart, not fear. I choose to feel positivity and compassion, instead of hate and negativity. I understand that others will also surround themselves with people that share their own set of ideals, just as I do too. For better and worse..Like Attracts Like.
Being empowered and not making others actions about you, you can live freely with peace in your heart, no matter where you are in the world. Be an activist for your own ideals and stand up for what YOU believe in. When your conviction and voice is THAT strong, you will ultimately lead and inspire many others to speak up and stand WITH YOU. You don’t have to even be the leader, just be insightful with who you choose to follow.
~ People will always disagree. Don’t waste your time being a victim, looking for validation for your beliefs. Bless and Release.
~ Everyone thinks their way is the best and they are right. Don’t bother convincing.
~ Stand up for what you personally belief in.
Thank you Dr King, for having the courage and that strong and powerful conviction and voice, and setting your intentions to free and empower others….You lived with peace in your heart and passion in your words right up until your last breath.


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