Why I went from Corporate America to Beachbody!

You know that moment when you think "I can't do this another 20 years!". That was me!

Watch this video to hear why I went from a job in Corporate America making a good living to coaching with Beachbody; and the mindset that drove me to becoming a Top Beachbody Coach with a career that I LOVE!

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Seay’s Coach Scripts

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Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.52.55 PMSubject: Hello, I am your coach and would like to welcome you (Beachbody Email)

Subject: Hi ___, I am your coach and wanted to welcome you (Gmail Email)

Congratulations on taking that first step towards a healthier YOU! My name is Seay (Shay) and

I’m your Beachbody Health and Fitness Coach! I’m also a Certified Nutrition Coach.

My role is to lead you towards success so that you complete your program and get AMAZING

RESULTS! Imagine how great it will feel three months from now when you walk into a room

and people are noticing and commenting on your change! I LOVE the Beachbody tools because

they’ve helped me lose 30 pounds after having three children and knee surgery. I’m happy to

share with you suggestions that will work with your own lifestyle.

I would love to hear about your goals and get to know you. Please request or follow me on

Facebook at: facebook.com/seay.stanford.

You’ll see that I post health tips, testimonials, recipes and transformation pictures. I also host

private online COMMIT groups just for my customers, to keep you motivated. I used to be a

pharmaceutical rep working long hours and missing a lot of my kid’s events. Now, I’m a

Beachbody coach working from my home and enjoying the freedom to be with my family

without missing any of those special moments. Maybe at some point, you too would be

interested in how you can earn money while getting in shape by becoming a coach on my team.

Keep pushing play! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Tampa, FL

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.53.29 PM

Subject: Hey ____, I just wanted to share a money saving tip with you

Hi _____! How’s everything been going? Hopefully well! I noticed your recent

Shakeology order and wanted to share a tip with you that would totally save you

money on shipping charges. If you order your Shakeology through Home Direct it

will only cost you $2.00 in shipping charges for each order. You would then be set

up with automatic monthly deliveries of your order. I would notify you each

month, by email, prior to the ship date and at that time if you weren’t ready for

the order, you could postpone the date of your order. Or if you wanted to switch

up your order, you could do that too. All you’d have to do is copy and paste the

message that I send to you and send it to customer service at Beachbody with any

changes or delays that you’d like to make. It’s really a simple process and based

on your order history it would be a great money saving way for you to place your

future orders.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I’m always here to help.

Have a great weekend!

Seay 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.52.38 PM


I wanted to give you a reminder that your Shakeology “Auto Ship” is due to ship on the __th. If you need to “postpone” your shipment to a later date because you are not ready for another bag, you can submit your request via the Beachbody contact us form…NEW instructions below. Please send at least a WEEK in advance before your ship date so it’s processed in time. You can also speed up your shipment if you are drinking two a day.
Remember, to get optimal results from your Shakeology, look at it like your daily (holistic) vitamin and drink it every day. Consistency is KEY and it’s the most convent way to nourish your body daily.

This link will open directly to the “Email” tab. Fill in the information that is required and state your request and then hit “Submit”. You should get a confirmation number emailed to you. It is VERY important to make sure that you enter the email address that you used to open your account.
If you have previously cancelled your order and received confirmation of it, then please disregard this message. Otherwise you should receive your next shipment 5-7 days AFTER the __th.
Hope you are great!
Seay xo

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.53.07 PM

When you ordered your challenge pack, you received a free trial month of the Beachbody club membership. This gives you free customized meal plans, access to personal trainers and certified nutritionists. You DO NOT need this, unless you want it at $40 a quarter. Please submit your request to Beachbody using the NEW instructions below very soon so it is cancelled….

This link will directly open to the “Email” tab. Fill in the information that is required, along with “Cancel Club” from the drop down box under “Request” and state that you are requesting a cancel/refund in the “Question” area and then hit “Submit”. You should get a cancellation confirmation number emailed to you.
It is VERY important to make sure that you enter the email address that you used to open your account.



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