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Shakeology: How to Make It plus Recipes

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Shakeology: How to Make It plus Recipes

Shakeology: How to Make It plus Recipes

Its important to know HOW to make this amazing shake.  If you follow the directions on the back of the bag- most likely you will make it WAY to thick!!!  I use 12 oz of Silk brand almond milk and then add a few clean foods to it to add more flavor and daily variety.  Some people like it super slushy, but I like mine with just a few ices cubes before mixing in the blender.  It may take you a few tries before you find the combo you like, but my video will get you started in the right direction…ENJOY and stay consistent!!!!

My Personal Chocolate Recipe:

My Personal Tropical Recipe:

My Favorite Greenberry Recipe

Greenberry Shakeology Recipe

My Favorite VANILLA Recipe (also my kids favorite!)

Vanilla Shakeology recipe

 Reeses Pieces
Reeses Pieces
Shakeology Mudslide (for the occasional healthy indulgence)  🙂

Shakeology Mudslide

I would adjust this to cleaner ingredients now, but this is a very simple recipe.  Id use Kahlua, Vodka, Hershey Syrup and cream.  Add after making the chocolate shakeology how you already love the most.

Shakeology Dessert

Shakeology DessertI was craving a little DESSERT treat…YEP you guessed it! Very icy Shakeology, topped with light whipped cream, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, almond slivers and TOPPED off with froze- crumbled Choc-Peanutbutter P90X Protein bar-chewy bits! I thought this could also be an AWESOME dessert display for your guests one evening!

Thin Mint Shakeology
Shakeology recipes chocolate


Snickers Shakeology

Shakeology Recipes Snickers

Bananas Foster Shakeology

Shakeology Recipe Banana Foster

Gingerbread Man Shakeology
Gingerbread shakeology recipe

2 Responses to "Shakeology: How to Make It plus Recipes"
  1. Marcus says:

    Great video and awesome tropical recipe! I love the fact that it doesn’t have whey protein powder in it and that all the ingredients are excellent. Thank you and definitely keep up the great work!


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