Why I went from Corporate America to Beachbody!

You know that moment when you think "I can't do this another 20 years!". That was me!

Watch this video to hear why I went from a job in Corporate America making a good living to coaching with Beachbody; and the mindset that drove me to becoming a Top Beachbody Coach with a career that I LOVE!

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Body Beast Video Diary and Reviews by Neil Stanford

Body Beast Video Diary and Reviews by Neil Stanford

My husband, Neil Stanford  is starting Sagi Kalev’s new at home body building program.  Follow his video blog as he goes through his 90 day journey.  Here he shares tips to start, how it compares to the gym, and the supplenments he’s taking.  For more information, sign up fro FREE coaching on my site above […]

Body Beast Turkey Chili Recipe

Body Beast Turkey Chili Recipe

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Body Beast Turkey Chili Recipe -from the Body Beast cookbook   1 tea olive oil 1 1/2 pounds lean ground turkey meat 1 med white onion, chopped 1 medium bell pepper, chopped 3 cloves garlic 1 1/2 tea ground cumin 1 TBL chili powder 1/2 tea salt 1/4 tea cayenne pepper 1 15 oz can […]

Body Beast!

My husband, Neil, is starting this program July 9!!! PACK ON THE MUSCLE WITH BODY BEAST. BODY BEAST workout is one of the only all-encompassing body-building, nutrition and supplement systems on the market. Sagi Kalev, creator of BODY BEAST workout. GET BIG, INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE LEVEL AND JUST PLAIN GET HEALTHY. WITH BODY BEAST. Beachbody’s […]